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Call Reminder

After smart jewelry establish a Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone, whenever the phone calls, the smart jewelry reminds you by vibrating or flickering according to what your setting is. Call reminder feature allows you to add up specified VIP contacts in Wenwen app.

Message Reminder

Whenever the phone receives a message or other notification from your social apps, smart jewelry announces you with vibration or flashing. You won't miss any information pushed to you, Wenwen will be your personal SMS housekeeper to keep you informed of life at anytime and anywhere.


Phone Anti-lost

When the distance between smart jewelry and mobile phone reaches more than the effective range of Bluetooth connectivity, jewelry will remind you vibrating and shining brightly. (Around open space, the effective distance of Bluetooth connection is within 10 meters.)

Sending SOS Signal

After you set your emergency contact in Wenwen app, clicks in particular order on the gem of your smart jewelry, the jewelry will vibrate for 6 seconds, which means that the SOS signal has been issued. After sending successfully, the other side will receive a distress message, including your location, phone number and the default details of calling for help.

Sending Love Letter

understand your whisper, helping you express and pass love

1.Developing Loving Relationship

After you decide to formalize your relationship, one of you can enter the other one's ID and send the other one a bind request to start your love story.

2.Sweet Words

Tap jewelry to send sweet messages when you missing him/her, his/her jewelry will vibrate and flash to convey your love. He/She can also respond by tapping jewelry.

3.Innermost Words

Store your sweet words and video in smart jewelry as a gift to your lover. When he/she receives this gift and connects it to his/her phone, your innermost feeling will be shown automatically, and he/she can see your confession.

4.Getting Together

Click on the user picture on the home page, you can see how long you two have been together since you use Wenwen and the global rank on the time every couple spends together. When your partner is in a straight line distance of 1 km, the jewelry will remind you through the breathing light flashing.

Extra Fun Widget

Shake To Selfie

You can take a selfie anytime you like by shaking your smart jewelry. This feature also allows you to set a self-timer.

Magical Jewelry

Through the wenwen app, you can choose the jewelry display color and lighting effects, and are free to switch long bright, flashing or dance mode.

Wenwen Code

Tap your jewelry in particular orders to convey a secret message to your partner. You can set your personal order and words.


Wenwen app enables you to count your steps every day, as well as your walking distance and calorie consumption.